The majority of this music can be purchased by online sheet music retailers such as, J.W. Pepper, and Pine Lake Music Co. You’ll be able to find compositions by James Koerts simply by typing “koerts” into their search engines.

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  1. I’ll Cherish the Cross — SoundForth
    Publisher’s excerpt: Don’t let the Easter season go by without singing this exciting new setting of “The Old Rugged Cross.” James Koerts does an admirable job of resetting this timeless hymn and then weaving the original chorus back into the flow with such warmth, depth, and expression. Your choir will love the singable new melody, and your congregation will be filled with hope and joy as they consider once again the message of this time-honored hymn.
    I’ll Cherish the Cross (preview)
  2. O For a Heart to Praise My God — SoundForth
    Publisher’s excerpt: The great hymn writer, Charles Wesley, gave special attention to the doctrine of scriptural holiness. His understanding of Christian holiness was expressed in his great prayer hymn “O for a Heart to Praise My God.” Your choir will love this sturdy new anthem by James Koerts. Challenge your choir and congregation to learn scriptural doctrines as they sing this reverent and accessible piece.
    O For a Heart to Praise My God (preview)
  3. What Star Is This? — Lorenz
    Publisher’s description: This beloved 15th century tune has been the inspiration of numerous secular and sacred settings through the ages. In his extraordinary new setting, James Koerts suffuses the tune with the awe of Christmas Eve: “What star is this, with beams so bright, more lovely than the noonday light?” Harmonic colors surprise and delight, and optional flute and percussion add to the mood of this beautiful, yet accessible piece.
    What Star Is This? (preview)


  1. Beneath the Cross of Jesus — Shawnee Press
    Publisher’s excerpt: James Koerts provides us with a contemplative musical commentary on a classic hymn text in his latest creation. His expressive melody cradles this moving portrait of the cross while rich harmonies provide an appropriate tonal backdrop for the presentation of this important reflection of faith. Take note of the accessible part-writing and the limited vocal ranges that will ease learning time as you prepare for those early Lenten services. Beautiful!
    Beneath the Cross of Jesus (RAM)
    Beneath the Cross of Jesus (PDF)
  2. Come to the Table — Lorenz
    Publisher’s excerpt: A joyful, folk-like invitation to gather at our Lord’s table, this communion offering exudes the love of Christ for His family of faith. The simple choral writing perfectly complements the richly flowing accompaniment. With an infections spirit and a memorable melody, it is hard to forget, yet easily prepared!
    Come to the Table (MP3)
    Come to the Table (PDF)
  3. The Love of Christ, Our SaviorSoundForth
    This very accessible anthem is a gentle reminder of the love that Jesus Christ displayed at Calvary. The refrain declares that His love is “unmeasured, boundless, free… Love that spans eternity.”
    The Love of Christ Our Savior (preview)
  4. My Savior Lorenz
    Publisher’s excerpt: Poignant in its message, folk-like in its simplicity and profound in its spiritual impact, this should be a part of your ministry of music. Truly an inspirational anthem.
    My Savior (MP3)
    My Savior (PDF)
  5. O Little Town of BethlehemSoundForth
    This earnest arrangement presents a new way to express this beloved Christmas text.
    O Little Town of Bethlehem (preview)
  6. On This Still and Silent Night — Lorenz
    Publisher’s excerpt: Captivating and awe-inspiring are apt descriptions for this gentle Christmas ballad. Easily sung by choirs or ensembles of any size, it is the perfect choice for Christmas Eve worship. It is a poignant reminder of the significance of the Christmas story: “Salvation’s joy has come, God’s glory, our delight, and now new hope to all is giv’n on this still and silent night.”
    On This Still and Silent Night (MP3)
    On This Still and Silent Night (PDF)
  7. What a Friend We Have in Jesus — SoundForth
    An expressive arrangement containing the original melody for this gospel song, with a new melody for the middle stanza that is a cappella.
    What a Friend We Have in Jesus (preview)
  8. Worthy of Our Worship — SoundForth
    This highly energetic and upbeat call to worship would serve well as a service opener or as an exciting choral anthem. Duane Nichols reminds us that God is truly worthy of our worship and praise.
    Worthy of Our Worship (preview)



  1. Christ, My All— SoundForth
    Incorporating a stately text by Horatius Bonar, this uplifting anthem points to Christ as being all-sufficient for the believer.
    Christ, My All (preview)
  2. Come, Thou FountThe Wilds
    A festive arrangement of a familiar anthem.
  3. Crown Him — SoundForth
    A new upbeat melody to the familiar hymn text, “Look, Ye Saints, the Sight is Glorious.” Great for Easter.
    Crown Him (preview)
  4. Holy Is the Lord — SoundForth
    A song of worship and praise, set to a text by Duane Nichols.
    Holy Is the Lord (preview)
  5. Jesus Everything — SoundForth
    A unique text by Rev. A.B. Simpson, this song reminds us that spiritual growth changes our perspective in our walk with Christ.
    Jesus Everything (preview)
  6. Jesus, Lover of My Soul — SoundForth
    An intimate setting of a Charles Wesley text.
    Jesus, Lover of My Soul (preview)
    (Orchestration available at
  7. Jesus Loves — SoundForth
    A medley of songs that revolve around the central theme of Jesus’ love. Includes a part for an optional children’s choir and an optional child’s solo.
    Jesus Loves (preview)
  8. The King in His Beauty — The Wilds
    One day all those who have trusted Christ as their personal Savior will see the King in His beauty. What a day that will be!
  9. My Faith Still Clings — The Wilds
    The message of this song is that no matter the circumstances of life, we can always trust in a loving Savior.
  10. My Prayer — SoundForth
    A reflective setting of a Fanny Crosby text reminding us that Christ will hear our prayers.
    My Prayer (preview)
  11. Once for All — SoundForth
    Jesus Christ’s finished work at Calvary is complete and available to all. Offering a new melody to the clear text by Philip P. Bliss, this song will be an encouragement to believers.
    Once For All (preview)
  12. Open My Eyes, Spirit Divine Lorenz
    Publisher’s excerpt: Based on the familiar hymn text “Open My Eyes, That I May See,” this is a tender prayer that God’s Spirit will permeate the heart and spirit of every Christian. It is a sensitive treatment of a profound and timeless text.
    Open My Eyes, Spirit Divine (MP3)
    Open My Eyes, Spirit Divine (PDF)
  13. Our Praise to You Alone — SoundForth
    A song of praise featuring a Jonathan Cook text.
    Our Praise to You Alone (preview)
  14. Paradise — SoundForth
    A setting of an old text that reminds us of Jesus’ saving power even on the cross. Perfect for Easter.
    Paradise (preview)
  15. Praise Him — SoundForth
    A song of stately adoration; text by Jonathan Cook.
    Praise Him (preview)
  16. Redeeming GraceThe Wilds
    This upbeat piece lets us rejoice in the redeeming grace that God provides.
  17. Rejoice and Be GladSoundForth
    Horatius Bonar offers this joyful text which is paired with a lively 6/8 meter.
    Rejoice and Be Glad (preview)
  18. Take the World, But Give Me Jesus — Shawnee Press
    Publisher’s excerpt: This amazing Fanny Crosby text is very timely in focus. With its vision clearly fixed on things above, the words are a testimony to keeping our priorities in order. The music has the character of a great hymn and its expressive sweep is emotionally compelling. Rich in sound and meaning!
    Take the World but Give Me Jesus (RAM)
    Take the World but Give Me Jesus (PDF)
  19. Unto the HillsThe Wilds
    A song of reflection set to an intimate text by Jonathan Cook based on Psalm 121:1.



  1. Be Still, My Soul— SoundForth
    Publisher’s excerpt: Absolutely beautiful! A traditional text takes on a new character with a simple folk-like melody in this tasty original work. Of particular interest is the shimmering accompaniment for piano or for woodwind quintet, guitar and wind chimes. Don’t miss this tasteful choral anthem, meditation or prayer responsory in worship.
    Be Still, My Soul (RAM)
    Be Still, My Soul (preview)
    (An orchestration is available at
  2. Come and Sing (collection) SoundForth
    A collection of choral arrangements and settings. Titles include: I’ll Cherish the Cross; O Come and Sing; Not I, But Christ; Salvation; The Love that Sent Jesus to Die; Praise the Lord!; The Morning Trumpet; My High Tower; Do Not I Love Thee; It Is Good to Sing Your Praises; I Gave My Life for Thee.
    Come and Sing (preview)
  3. O to Be Like TheeSoundForth
    One of the pieces written for my wedding ceremony in 2005, this song of consecration echo’s the desire of my wife and I to be more like our Savior every day.
    O To Be Like Thee (preview)
  4. We Must Tell Grace for All
    An arrangement of a missions song by David West that reminds us of our responsibility to share Christ. Great for a missions conference or emphasis.
    We Must Tell (PDF)



  1. He Died for Me — Lorenz
    Publisher’s excerpt: This reflective anthem places us at the cross contemplating the significance of Christ’s sacrificial death in order that we might eternally live.
    He Died for Me (MP3)
    He Died for Me (PDF)
  2. Love Lifted Me SoundForth
    This familiar gospel song is given new life by a soaring melody and rich harmonies.
    Love Lifted Me (JPG)
  3. None But Christ Can Satisfy SoundForth
    An anonymous text that reminds us of all of earth’s riches, there is still nothing that can truly satisfy us as only Christ can.
    None But Christ can Satisfy (JPG)
  4. No Other Name SoundForth
    This strong anthem uses an old text that proclaims that there is no other name in which salvation is offered.
    No Other Name (JPG)
    (An orchestration is available at
  5. Oh, Love of God SoundForth
    This Duane Nichols text explores the glories of the gracious love that God bestows upon His children.
    Oh, Love of God (JPG)



  1. Alone — SoundForth
    Christ’s passion was to be accomplished alone. This song emphasizes the loneliness of Christ’s passion, and the fact that He did it for me. A must for an Easter program.
    Alone (preview)
  2. Blessed Redeemer SoundForth
    A familiar gospel text is given a dynamic new melody that emphasizes Christ’s death was for me. Excellent selection for Easter.
    Blessed Redeemer (JPG)
  3. Power in the Blood SoundForth
    This dynamic arrangement utilizes a 6/8 meter to joyously proclaim the power available through Christ’s blood and finished work at Calvary.
    Power in the Blood (JPG)



  1. Crown Him SoundForth
    A collection of songs that I collaborated on with the Voices of Praise men’s quartet while I was in college. Titles include: My Faith Looks Up to Thee; Step by Step; The Love of God; Is Your All on the Altar; In the Sweet By and By; Heavenly Sunlight; Like a River Glorious; O Jesus, I Have Promised. (See preview pages here.)
  2. I Will Ever Sing Thy Praises — Shawnee Press
    Publisher’s excerpt: Stately choral that sounds more difficult than it really is; impressive conclusion that echoes “a thousand thanks”—”Thousand, thousand thanks to thee, Mighty God….” is the refrain of this fresh, neo-classical song of thanksgiving. James Koerts’s arrangement of this adoring text is stately and flowing, with a memorable melody and formal-sounding accompaniment. The text is one of gratitude and praise, thanking God for who He is and what He will do. The extended refrain on the final verse expresses the overwhelming love we have for our Savior, swelling to what seems to be “a thousand thanks” to the mighty God. I Will Ever Sing Thy Praises is a must for any occasion.



  1. I Gave My Life for TheeSoundForth
    This P.P. Bliss text reminds us of our Savior’s great sacrifice and is also a gentle reminder of our commitment to Him.
    I Gave My Life for Thee (preview)



  1. Step by StepSoundForth
    A text and melody by Rev. A.B. Simpson is given an energetic lift in this TTBB gospel arrangement.
    Step by Step (preview)